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A humble website in preparation for the new book, The Eternity Train.

What is The Eternity Train? Created initially for my students, this is a young-adult fiction and my first attempt at a full book.

The Eternity Train is a riddle that seems to have no end: Is it a prison? How are there so many compartments? And most importantly, is there any way to escape the train and its dangers? Mysteries abound, and with tantalizing new secrets in every carriage, this is an adventure like no other.

The Eternity Train is still on its journey to completion, and I am hoping to release a completed book to the public by 2022. The story is specifically designed for students to build their descriptive skills and expand their vocabulary all with an engaging story (cough cough Cadwaladr Quests). The final story will have a number of characters, and you will meet one of the main characters, Riyul, in the sneak peek.

Check out the preview(s) below!

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